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So…What is this following the Light stuff? What does that really mean for those new to the concept? I hope this will help you get started. You have already heard the Light described (to some degree) by almost everyone you know. It is known by many names, this particular Light. But we all have it*  Even if, it is buried under years of pain & darkness, it’s there. It’s that still small voice that says, no. “He is not right for you” or “YES! She IS the One”! This voice can be heard, although not audibly. It provides commentary that has NEVER been wrong. That “voice” is from the Light. And it just “knows” stuff. Stuff you can trust! Maybe you have heard some call it Jesus, or your Higher Self? Some say it is Great Spirit, others, Angels.  Or intuition, Or a ‘gut’ feeling…that “knowing” you get…THAT is from the Light. It is our eternal, internal compass, that always knows the direction to go when consulted. I have seen it intervene in a myriad of mysterious & miraculous ways. It never fails to illuminate, although often at the 11th hour. It is that nagging voice, that instant connection with others, that deep sense of peace that whispers in the storm. That hope you get, when all seems lost. If you chose to follow this Light, it means you are willing to go where it leads. It means you are willing shut up, and listen for advice, far better than yours alone…Including the Popes, the President’s or your parents! While we all have unexplained or divine interventions in our lives, most don’t realize you can enjoy the more mundane, when viewed through proper illumination. Alls you have to do to follow the Light, is listen. Listen to what you are thinking. Don’t just THINK it! Listen to yourself. You will quickly learn, you have never, nor will you ever, be truly alone. The Light has always been, and it will always be, IN you. You can access it’s wisdom by paying attention. That’s it. Just pay attention to your thoughts & follow the direction of the Light from within~   * Disclaimer: I am not certain psychopaths have any connection to the Light